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    Help! When i click and drag, only the frame moves!


      So when i drag a pictue in a frame, whether its eps, png watever, only the frame outline drags with my mouse, the content stays where it started, then when i relese click in a new place the content moves to it.

      I think this is some sort of fast mode or something but i cant figure out how to turn it off?


      If i click and hold for a couple seconds then when i drag the picture drags with my mouse, but its so annoying having to hover on the picture every time i want to move something.


      It also happens with transforming the picture, scalling it or rotationg it etc. I just get a preview of where it will end up from the frame outline then when i release the picture goes there.


      Im on CS6.


      If someone could help would be amazing, i've searched the web and im stumped!