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    How do I get footnotes to continue their numbering from previous chapters in epub?


      I have INDD CS6 and have been trying to export an EPUB from a book file with about 4-5 chapters,


      The problem is this:


      I have footnotes throughout the various chapters and I want the numbering to be one single string (in other words 1-2-3-4-5-6-etc. no matter what chapter it is in...thus, not a restart of the numbering for each chapter).


      Now I have it working in the InDesign files, so that if I made a PDF, I would get what I described above. HOWEVER: when i go to make an EPUB, i get the footnote numbering starting over at 1 for each and every chapter.


      I have tried to force the number to start manually (i.e. in chapter three i set it to start at #6 footnote) And it reflects that it in INDD (and in the PDF), but when i go to export EPUB— no dice. Starts at one ...


      SO if someone has an answer as to how to fix this in INDD, I would really appreciate it, since we teach EPUB classes to people and I like to have the best information for them. If this is an export bug, so be it, I would just like to find out one way or the other.


      Thanks in advance

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