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    Flash hit counter per page


      Hello, I am building a touch screen flash presentation (version 5.5) for an exhibition and would like to track the amount of people veiwing specific pages. I have a hit counter and the button works but when I go to the next page it resets to 1 again.

      Is there a way you can save the number of hits so that flash will remember it? Is there a specific code involoved or do I need to link it to a document (ie. txt file)?

      Please a little help. Thank you

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          Nabren Level 3

          There is a way but it is client side so it would not show everyone hitting the page. You would need to set up a server and have the Flash client hit that to preserve data across users.

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            kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            if you're installing the app on one computer (eg, a kiosk display), you can save separate hit counts for each page:


            if your app never shuts down, you must have a coding error.  if your app shuts down, use a sharedobject to save the hit counts before your app shuts down.


            if you're displaying on a web server, use server-side code to save the hit counts between web site visitors.

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