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    Login screen

    Zolotoj Level 3
      I want to design a login screen. Does Flax provide a standardized way of loging on users?
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          Lăcră Ene Level 1
          The details of how a user logs on depend on the server-side authentication strategy. Since Flex is a client-side technology, it cannot standardize on a single way to do this. We can still try to help you further if you can tell us more about the server-side setup.
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            Zolotoj Level 3
            Well, my strategy is simple. User name and a password are submitted to the server at the first time of a login. If the submitted form is not a login form and no login has yet been registered the server should refuse the request and return the user to the login screen. If the submitted form is a login form the server validates user's info. If it is OK then a session variable is created to indicate a successful login for that session. Every response from the server is preceded by that session variable validation. If it is still there (the session has not been expired) the server responses normally, if session is expired the server should prompt the user to login.