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    iPad screen shattering (real or fake)?

    lovewebdev Level 1

      I'm fairly new to After Effects and I was wondering what the workflow was for getting a video closeup of something like an iPad or device hitting the floor and the glass screen shattering.


      • Does the device actually have to be dropped and really shatter in a closeup caught on camera?
      • Or can I drop the device while getting the closeup and use After Effects to make the glass look like it's shattering in slow motion?


      Thanks so much.

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You could track a shattered glass image onto the iPad and reveal it.

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            Dave LaRonde Level 6

            Two crucial questions:


            When you say "shatter", do you envision glass flying all over the place as it hits, or just the screen cracking?


            Does this have to look photorealistic or more cartoon-like?

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              lovewebdev Level 1

              Ok so basically it can be dropped while ensuring it doesn't shatter and then in after effects I can create the crack, but I do want some shattering glass to fly out.

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                lovewebdev Level 1

                Great question dave.


                I do want some glass to fly out and I'd prefer a more photojournalist look than cartoon. Make sense?

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                  BenjaminMarkus Level 4

                  One way to do it would be to duplicate the video layer and manually roto or mask out just the frames of the screen when and after it impacts, precomp the roto-ed or masked portion of the ipad screen, add the AE Shatter effect and play with the settings until you get something that looks more or less realistic.  Or if you have CS6 you could try using the 3D Camera tracker to add a null object onto the ipad screen.  Then for added realism you could try getting a photo of a smashed iPad monitor or computer screen, parent it to the null, mask it to fit the ipad screen, add the shatter effect and adjust the effect and mask it as it moves after the impact.


                  However, if you're going for a really pro photorealistic shattering glass effect you may need to look into 3D software: Andrew Kramer from video co-pilot does a fantastic shattered glass tutorial called Advanced Time Freeze using After Effects and 3Ds max.  It's for moving through broken glass that has been frozen in time but you could render out the particle movement as well. 

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                    Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    You won't successfully accomplish this effect with just two layers, even using a 3D app to create your shattered glass. You'll need at least three or four. Your footage of the iPad, footage of the glass that you motion track to the iPad screen (Mocha is your best friend here) and layers for the parts of the glass that fly out. To enhance the effect and make it more realistic you'll need a layer for reflections of the scene in the glass you are going to shatter, reflections in the flying pieces of glass, shadows, and displacement layers to add realism to the larger bits of glass that fly out when the screen shatters.


                    I've seen several iPad and smart phone shattered screens and, fortunately for you, pieces don't fly out because it's safety glass or at least pseudo safety glass because the membrane that is used for the touch screens keeps the chards together. You don't need to have pieces fly out to make it look real.

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                      Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                      Personally, I'd shop around (or ask around) for a faulty iPad.  You should be able to find someone with a dead iPad 1 or iPad 2 fairly easily.  I would expect you could buy something like that for $50 or less. 


                      Then just shoot the real thing, preferably at a high frame rate.  You may choose to enhance it at a later stage in AE, but the primary shatter will be realistic.

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                        Dave LaRonde Level 6

                        I agree with Andrew: practical effects are always the best effects.  They look real because they ARE real.


                        But take precautions!  Do a boatload of trial runs with a standin prop until everything is just right and you KNOW how it's going to behave and look on camera when you shoot it for real.