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    Help with moving Image folder path

    jdhughen Level 1

      I have 4 animations that I want to put on the same page. These animations contain png image SEQs. Since I can not import a image seq directly into EDGE (if I can please let me know how) I'm exporting symbols from fireworks. This process renames all the exported images to "s(frameNumber)". as a result all these animations have at least 100 images with the same name. what I need to do is create a Images/(subfolder) for each of these animations. How do I change the default path for the images folder so I can do this?


      I guess I could change the names of the files in the SEQ to be different using a script in PShop but then they would have to be reassigned one at a time in edge which would be a major pain, or unless the .ansym file could be edited to change the file names before import ?? It just seems that controling the Image folder path is the simple solution. In the futrue a project pref that would let the user choose a image folder path would be great.


      Thanks for any direction here


      Joel H

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          TimJaramillo Level 4

          Hi Joel, Edge sets the default image path via a variable called "im" in this file: "yourFileName_edge.js".


          However, sometimes, Edge doesn't use this var, and instead uses the full image path like this:

          fill: ['rgba(0,0,0,0)','images/test_1.jpg','0px','0px']


          Either way (by creating a new var with your unique paths and prepending the var to the image paths, or by hardcoding new image paths), you can manually change the paths for your images in this file.

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            jdhughen Level 1

            So if I make this change in the "yourFileName_edge.js" file will it be passed on them I publish ? In other words all these animations are setup so the "publish" path is right into my dreamweaver "website" location for this website. I can then "upload" direct to the server from there through dreamweaver.


            I want to setup image paths like...





            etc etc


            once I change the js file will publish follow those rules ?




            Joel H

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              jdhughen Level 1

              I tried editing the js file and so far it seems to be working great. Just what I needed. And it does seem to pass the change on in "publish" that what great also.  I did have the change the path in the im var and in all the image paths (150 references in one file) but that was a snap in dreamweaver find/replace. So far it all works fine in my dreamweaver website file structure and my dummy server so it should be fine when i upload it all. since I use the same preloader.gif for all these animations I left a single copy in the "images" folder that all the projects use.




              Joel H