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    Symbol Exists Edge 1.5


      Hi guys


      I'm using Edge since version 1.01 and i updated today to the new version 1.5, but it broke my animation that was made with the previous version.


      The problem is:


      if(sym.getSymbol("mysymbol") != undefined)


      In the version 1.01, the previous code gives me "undefined" if the symbol doesnt exists. With the new version gives me an error and stops my animation.


      Is there a way to check if a symbols exists?


      Best regards

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          jbowden Adobe Employee

          Hi there,


          I'm surprised it affects your animation. Any further details on that?


          I'm still investigating what changed for symbols, but instead of testing the symbol for undefined, you should do a try/catch statement, like so:


          try {


               // add whatever code you wanted to run here...

          } catch(err)  {

            // handle the error however you want here, or fail silently