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    How would you build this Flex menu app?

      Hi all

      I'm about to build a Flex application with a rather "graphic and animation heavy" menu system. Here's what it should end up as:
      - All menu items are loaded dynamically from an XML file
      - The menu will be horizontal and have about 10 buttons
      - on rollOver on a menu item an arrow will appear beneath the item and the arrow will animate into a large info box containing text and buttons explaining the menu item.
      - on rollOver on another menu item the current active info box will animate back into its menu button and a new animation will appear with a new info box from beneath the selected menu item.

      I hope the above makes sense!

      How would go go about creating a menu with so much animation in Flex?
      I will probably have to create some components in Flash, but will Flex 3 be a much better solution than Flex 2?
      Would it make sense to code animations on the components, and what are the options for that?