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    Auto Play on Start Won't Work in SharePod


      I have a PowerPoint Presentation in which I've set the Presenter Playback settings to "Auto play on start" and "Loop continuously"  and the "Default Slide Duration" is 20 seconds.  Nothing else regarding the playback of the presentation has been set in PowerPoint slideshow setup.  When in the Connect meeting room, I can unsync the Share pod where the presentation resides, click the play button, and it starts to play.  But as soon as I resync so that the participants can see, it stops playing.

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          flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          When you load a presentation into a Connect room, the assumption is made (programmatically) that you will present the content, or want to control when it presents. So, it doesn't use the auto play on start option. That option is specifically for on-demand delivery. You should be able to leave the presentation sync'd and, in the Pod Options menu for the Share pod, select the Show play bar option. Then press play, and it will begin playing the presentation for everyone in the room, and should loop if that setting is enabled.

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            mrsjbw Level 1

            Thank you, I knew this could be done because we use presentations like this in our lobbys all of the time--I was just trying to make it play incorrectly.