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    Is Flex the right framework for an online dictionary?


      We are analyzing if Flex is the right framework for our web
      application (online dictionary). We are almost convinced but we want to
      have your advices on these particular points :

      This is what we need...
      - Essentially, we must display very complex and structured texts.
      - The text is organized in paragraphs.
      - Each paragraph is composed of many group of words.
      - Each group of words can use a specific font, color, size and style.
      - Some group of words must use small caps style.
      - Ideally, the style would be in CSS file.
      - We must use unicode characters. (∎, ●, ▷, etc.)
      - We must use fine-space, non breaking space, non breaking hyphen, etc.
      - Some group of words must be a link or able to trigger events.
      - Some group of words must have tooltip.

      Do you think it's possible to do that with Flex or we are better
      to stay in HTML.

      Thanks for your advices.