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    Hard Drive rearrangement - feedback appreciated




      So, I recently built a new x79 based editing workstation (i7 3930k, ASUS P9x79 Le, GTX 660 Ti)


      I originally bought a 128 GB Crucial M4 SSD and 3 WD RE4 1 TB drives; however, one of the Re4 drives was defective and I had to return it. Unfortunately, Newegg was out of stock and they refunded me instead of replacing the drive.

      So! Here's my issue. I have room for two more hard drives in my system without adding a SATA card.


      Currently, I have the following setup:


      128 GB SSD - OS, Editing Applications, a few games*

      1 TB HDD - Projects, Media

      1 TB HDD - Exports/Previews, games


      *I know that in a perfect world, I would not have anything other than editing applications installed, but...it is what it is. Space requirements require that I use this computer as a general use computer as well - I don't even have room on my desk to set up a laptop! I haven't seen any data that connects games/etc being installed on the system causing an appreciable decrease in performance (productivity, on the other hand...)


      If I were to get 2 more hard drives, what would people recommend for capacity and usage distribution? I have external hard drives in use as a regular backup solution, so feel free to disregard that issue.


      I'm thinking:


      128 GB SSD - OS, Applications (Editing, music composition, office)

      1 TB HDD - Projects (seems an inneffective use of space, as project files for Premiere, AE, and Blender are relatively small)

      1 TB HDD - Exports/Previews

      1 TB HDD - Media, Sound Sample Libraries (perhaps a 2 TB drive would be better?)

      1 TB HDD - Games and Misc. (applications and such that are not directly suited to creative/productive endeavors and/or are too large to fit on the SSD)


      I would consider a RAID, except for the fact that I would have to re-install Windows and all applications again (I made a mistake when installing the RAID driver the first time around and it didn't succeed). I primarily edit DSLR video, with extensive effects and color grading. Is the extra throughput be needed? Monitoring the disk activity has not given me conclusive results as to if/where any bottlenecks might be.




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          JEShort01 Level 4



          Definitely go RAID 0 if you are going for 4 1TB HDs (assumming they are matching drives); it will be generally both faster and easier to manage vs. having four separate drives. Both using 2 2x arrays or 1 4x array should work fine for what you are doing.


          There seem to be a lot of users that are not aware of how Intel's RST program running from within Windows can change single drives to RAID 0 arrays with very little risk or hassles. I am not referring to motherboard bios settings, or Intel's boot-time setup tool that is available during a boot and before Windows has loaded.


          Whatever you do, don't forgot to have a good backup solution! Big, fast drives are great these days but somehow don't seem to be as reliable as drivese were 5 years+ ago.





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            Jim_Simon Level 9

            Here's what I'd do.


            128 GB SSD - OS, Applications

            1 TB HDD - Projects/Sound Sample Libraries

            1 TB HDD - Scratch

            1 TB HDD - Media

            1 TB HDD - Exports