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    Is the result of app.activeDocument.metadataPreferences an XMPMeta object?

    Giordano Galli Level 1

      Hello again



      Hope this isn't too dumb a question.



      I asked myself whether the result of


      is an XMPMeta object as per the "JavaScript Tools Guide".



      I'd say yes, because I found examples where the previous statement is followed by

      myDocXMP.setProperty(destNamespace, destNodeName, nodeValue);



      But I'd also say no, because when I try

      myDocXMP.deleteProperty(destNamespace, 'CreatorTool');

      in ExtendScript Toolkit I get an error message saying "myDocXMP.deleteProperty is not a function".



      The more I read, the more I get confused. Can you help me finding a source of information suitable for beginners? Thank you very much.