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    FAQ: Revel basics: What operating systems are supported by Revel?

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      Q:What operating systems are supported by Revel?


      A: Adobe Revel is a Cloud based photo hosting service accessible via a free photo app for your Mac, iPad, and iPhone. You can download the Revel App on your iPhone and/or iPad using the same Adobe ID associated with your Photoshop.com account. To See Revel in action click here. See also "Working with Adobe Revel". With the app, you can upload, download, and share files, as well as edit photos.




      Q: Can I access Revel through a web browser?

      A: You can access web version of Revel at www.adoberevel.com. The web version of Revel includes almost all the features of Revel EXCEPT the ability to edit your photos for Mac and Windows Android users you can download Revel Importer. Revel Importer is not a full version of Revel but it does give you a way to import the photos on your Android phone into your Revel photo library.




      Q: What are the differences between the Revel apps for different devices and platforms?

      A: The key differences are as follows:

      • iPhone, iPad and Mac — Access, organize, edit, and share your photos on all your iOS devices, anywhere you are.
      • Web — Upload, access, and view your photos via your web browser.
      • Revel Importer for Android

      Revel currently supports JPEG files only. At Adobe, we are committed to continued innovation with Revel, and plan to support additional platforms, features, and formats in the future.



      Coming soon:


      Adobe Revel for Android®




      Adobe Revel for Windows®



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