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    3D menu not showing

    malcolangelo Level 1

      Apart form the many apparent issues with AAM and my solution of uninstalling all app and using cleaner tool, I have only been able to reinstall my apps via installing trial and licensing with CC ID I still cannot update any of my installed apps all fail to update.


      However my specific quetsion here is, would it be expected the 3D men to show (having read many strins on this) with the following graphics card;

      NVIDIA GeForce GS driver version 301.42, 512 MB, directx support 9.0c

      OS windows XP, 32 bit SP3


      The 3d menu does not show though PS recognises the graphics card and I have checked the use graphics card.

      I tried installing on a laptop with windows vista 32 bit with Upto 358MB Mobile Intel Graphic media  accelerator X3100, this shows the 3D menu but all the actions are greyed out.


      I have tried to install on an HP laptop windows 8, with intel (R) hd graphics, though AAM doesn't work here either, so using download assistant to try and download PS trial and license wit CC ID, only to have communication error 100 check your internet connection, though I know I am connected to the inernet.


      Is the 3D menu likely to work on this laptop? if I can get it downloaded.

      From the discussions I see this may be a licensing issue, I waited 45 mins on phone support (from NZ) yesterday and finally gave up, any feedback would be appeciated, I think adobe really needs to address the obvious AAM problems or the CC is only becoming a very frutrating experience, thankfully I am only using it to learn new skills, not learning much with all the downtime trying to fix problems though. I would hate to be trying to meet deadlines in a real business.