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    Issue with dropshadow


      I have created a catalog page (CMYK) in InDesign CS4 and a title "Adventures" in yellow, font outlined with a dropshadow. Somehow the PDF looks fine on screen but when printed, it shows the "A" of adventures darker, sort of behind the shadow but the other letters are fine. That said, the A in question is right on the edge of a cloud on the photo.

      I wonder what is causing this problem, any clue?


      see jpeg attached


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          Michael Witherell Adobe Community Professional

          Is the color model of the document the same as the color model of the placed picture? Are any other object frames littered on the page in that area of the InDesign document? Have you checked ON the switch in the print dialog box called Simulate Overprint or it might be labeled Overprint?

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            Andelin Level 1

            Yes, the Overprint option was checked in Attributes. Why is that the case?

            I unchecked it and assume it is now fine, the print out looks great.


            Thanks, and do let me know why this happened.

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              Michael wasn't suggesting you turn off overprint inthe Attributes panel, he was suggesting you enable it in the Print dialog, and that's an important distinction. What, exactly, WAS set to overprint, iinthe attributes, and do you know why it was set that way?


              It would help to see a larger portion of the page with frame edges showing.

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                Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                The cause is very likely to be:
                The single character "A" in the headline is set to "overprint".



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                  Andelin Level 1

                  Peter, apparently only the "Adventures" part of the title was set to Overprint, and I don't know why. I checked all other elements, including the "Summer" part of the title, and nothing but what I mentioned was set on Overprint. This is odd, because I never selected that option and that's why I'm dumbfounded.


                  Here is the whole cover. As a PDF, on screen it's fine, but printed, that's when the issue shows.


                  Any help with this is truly appreciated, as I need to fully understand what's going on.


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                    Andelin Level 1

                    Laubender, I had outlined the title so that I could apply a dropshadow. The whole "Adventures" part is one unit, can't ungroup it. So it's not only the A but all letters that were set on Overprint, for some odd reason.

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                      Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                      Her's one scenario that might have caused the overprint.


                      You mentioned that you converted the text to outlines. If the text starteed as [Black], by default it would have overprinted. Changing the color to anything else while the text was live would have set it to knock out, but in a little experiment I just did converting the text to outlines, while it was still black, set the overprint attribute in the Attributes panel, and a subsequent change of color did not change the overprint.


                      From that I conclude it's important to change the color of text before converting to outlines, IF you find it necessary to do a conversion. I'm not sure why you found it necessary....

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                        Andelin Level 1

                        Awesome, it finally makes sense! I just tried your experiment and totally get it.


                        The reason for conversion was stated earlier, so that I could apply a drop shadow as client was attached to yellow hue and it just wouldn't pop out of the sky. I now realize that you can apply an effect to copy, for some reason I thought otherwise.


                        Thanks for this, so helpful!!