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    ♥How To Sync Content With Video♥

    ♥Schrene Level 4

      Ok so it took a while but I finally got it figured out...

      Yay!!! I can quit pulling out my hair!!!

      You can sync text and animations.... or pretty much anything you can do in Edge... with your video here is my sample:



      I kept the timer visible so you could see.... watch about every 15 seconds the text changes...

      and there is an animation that is activated around 75 seconds

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          joel_pau Level 5



          Here is one demo using your text and the edge tool (update panel): https://www.box.com/s/8oc5sbrudnp1o6sclc0j

          You can put your video events (pause, play) within the update panel. Video and subtitles can run in parallel.


          But i tested your link using Safari.

          First load: the console returns an edge error but video and subtitles run in parallel.

          Reload: console returns no errors. Video stops frequently but video and subtitles run in parallel.

          So preload=none, is it a good choice?

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            ♥Schrene Level 4

            Oh the joys of browsers not all being on the same page

            I was so excited that I finally found a "solution" that worked so I did not test code on any browser but FF...

            I tested my project in Opera and it's not syncing with text at all????

            I re-uploaded my files and changed the video to preload="metadata"  I'll see if that makes any difference???

            I am wondering if my custom controls might be part of the problem as well??

            I guess it's back to the drawing board....

            As Thomas Edison once said... "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work. "

            I wasn't aware the update panel existed..... thanks for pointing that out..

            I see how you set up the text to change at specific time.....

            but I don't see how you could put the pause and play button in there so that it would pause and play text as well???