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    Frustrating Path Problems

      Hello All,
      Sorry to be back so soon. I found a way to get my popup menus to work by creating a Movie Clip that uses gotoAndStop();
      if I test the scene for just the menu, all the nested movie clips for the sub-menus work just fine. When I call the main menu to be _visible from the main timeline, the Main menu shows up, but then I go to click the button for the sub-menu to be displayed and nothing happens. The sub menu is also a MC nested in the main menu.

      On the main menu button that opens the sub-menu, I put a trace(this); ran it from the main timeline and it tells me _level0.MainMenu and when I run from testing the scene it says level 0.

      could you please help me understand where I am going wrong here? I have tried everthing I can think of based on other postings with path problems that I have seen.

      Thank you kindly for your help in advance