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    How to embed custom search field in toolbar

      My organization wants to integrate the Zoom Search Engine by Wrensoft with RoboHelp 7. We want to embed the search input field for Zoom in the main toolbar of the Help window. The skin editor in RoboHelp does not provide an easy way to do this. I can add a custom button that links to the custom search form, but I cannot figure out how to embed a custom search field in the toolbar. Does anyone have any experience or direction you can provide us?
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          I very much doubt that can be done. There's a topic on my site about integrating ZoomSearch but the start point of any search is a field that ZoomSearch provides in the htm page it creates. Getting that field onto your toolbar is going to be outside the way Zoom was designed.

          Your developers would have to pull apart the mechanics of that page and figure it out, if it can be done.

          Have you tried approaching WrenSoft to see if they can suggest anything?

          Personally I think it is going to be a massive effort for minimal benefit. What's the objection to clicking a button that provides a page with the field and the results? If you get the field into the toolbar, the search page has still got to display to show the results.

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            MergeThis Level 4
            I agree with Peter about the user getting to the page with results anyway.

            I also prefer the Search page because we're using the Zoom JavaScript mode (WebHelp provided on a CD with our product and accessed from a customer server). Since the JavaScript mode doesn't provide exact phrase searches, we give users a complete breakdown of the elements on the Search page (Keyword limits, Categories, etc.), as a mini-user guide.

            And Ray and David are the best at providing timely and accurate answers in the Zoom user forum!

            Good luck,