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    After Effects Rendering error


      I am trying to render a menu in After Effects and I recieve an error message that reads, After Effects error: REndering error while writing to file "F:\Sean Folder\menu exports-Sean \Main-Menu-With- Intro-HD.mov." Unable to open file. 1610153459

         After Effects CS6 with 11.2 update.

         Windows 7 pro

         Source footage is H.264

         Intel i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40

         16GB Ram

         2 Drives-SSD 160GB ATA & WDC 1TB ATA

      I am using a precomposed menu from PRECOMPOSED.com

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          Hello richardneubs,


          i had a similar problem in Premiere and that over many weeks - no one could help - even not the support.


          i found the problem in a forum: the path which i wanted to save the file or the file-name was too long.


          Maybe this is also your problem - try it, may it´s the solution.


          i´ve seen that in your filename is a space: after With- Intro-HD.mov. Maybe that can be the problem.


          Hope for you it works.


          best regards