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    In case you want to see Dry Creek Photo gamuts

    Lundberg02 Level 3

      I haven't gone to the Dry Creek site to view their wire frame gamuts in quite a while, but when I did a month or so ago, I couldn't view them because my old Cortona viewer wasn't compatible with Mac anymore, so I did  a search and found several Mac 3D viewers. OpenVRML is a tar, which would expand but never showed up on the desktop to install. I then installed InstantPlayer and went to the Dry Creek site, which still told me that VRML was not loaded, but I selected a wireframe of Pro Photo, aRGB, and sRGB anyway and clicked build model. A wrl file downloaded to my desktop, so I double clicked it and zut, alors, there was a beautiful wire frame.  Apparently the Dry Creek site wants to see a browser plugin in order to see the wf directly, but the standalone InstantPlayer works well on the file.  I am running OS 10.8.2. Caveat: After doing a screenshot of the wf twice because I used the Instant Player Nav to rotate it, InstantPlayer crashed and a crash report appeared. I used the Reopen button and it came back with its logo screen. I won't use it often enough to worry about, but it's in ver 2.2.0 so maybe they'll update soon. Made in Germany.