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    Precision crop


      I usially click on the crop tool and drag the area until I am happy before I apply changes. But sometimes I need to type the value for width and height of the crop area for better accuracy (drag doesn't always work well enough).  Is it possible to type the values instead of dragging?

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          conroy Community Member

          Use Rectangular Marquee in Fixed Size mode to numerically specify a region then command Image > Crop.

          Notice that was "command Image > Crop" and not "Crop Tool".

          That'll discard the cropped-away pixels, though, and not merely hide them.

          If you have CS6 and want to keep and hide these pixels then activate Crop Tool after defining the marquee; Ps will snap the crop boundary to the marquee and you can disable the option to delete pixels.

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            Semaphoric Community Member

            In addition to what Conroy said. if you have an active rectangular selection, you can Selection > Transform Selection, and precisely enter the size and position in the Option Bar. Then Image > Crop.

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              _GreyBox_ Community Member

              Thank you!!!