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    Detection problem

    th0pol Level 1

      Hi.  I updated the flash player today and it stopped working.  Specifically, flash components on sites don't appear.  It seems like it's not being detected by the browser.  I am running firefox, but it also went undetected in explorer.  An explorer window pops up to say that installation is complete and I opened a new tab, went to youtube, and was told that I need to install flash.  In firefox, I can see the plugin in the add-ons manager and it says its enabled.


      I have reinstalled a few times.  I tried clearing appdata.


      I'm running Vista, 32 bit

      I have Flash 11.6.602.168 installed


      I've been looking for a fix for a few hours now.  I'm starting to feel a bit dumb.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.