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    Problems while starting Adobe CS6 Video Applications


      Hi there,


      I've some problems with the video editing applications of Adobe.


      After Effects CS6 randomly starts or doesn't start, giving me an error message "Programm crashed while loading the 'Scripting'-Plugin" and the last protocolled message being either "<11412> <DynamicLink> <5> C:\Path\to\dynamiclinkmanager.exe" or "<5976> <GPUManager> <2> Sniffer Result Code: 3". (the first numbers changes from message to message, but it's allways sniffer code 3)


      Premiere Pro CS6 starts to the Welcome Screen and if I choose an option (new project or open project), it crashes saying "a serious error occured, Premiere Pro has to be quit". I had very, very few times of not getting this error.


      Media Encoder crashes right after showing the splash screen.


      I don't use Prelude yet and most of the times it starts as espected, but just a moment ago I started it to see if it has problems, too, and it crashed one time (as media encoder, right after the splash screen).


      Sorry for not giving the exact text of the error messages above: I tried my best to translate them into english.

      All Adobe Programs on my computer are up-to-date, other Adobe Programs like Photoshop, Lightroom, Dreamweaver etc. run just normal without errors, my Computer System meets every single system requirement:


      Windows 7 Professional 64bit with Service Pack 1

      2x Intel Xeon E5-2630

      32GB RAM

      NVIDIA Quadro 4000 (310.90-Driver)


      Does anyone have any tip for me?