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    Browser Compatibility

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      Hello All,

      I created Help files using WebHelp Pro and they are integrated into our web-based application. Site Help works fine in IE, Netscape and FireFox. My project manager decided to check Safari because apparently use of this browser is becoming more prevalent. Here's what he found:

      "In the Site Help page, the left pane did not load properly – I could not see any links. I think its called the Navigation or Contents pane. Also, the Index pane did not display either."

      Does anyone know why this is, and if it can be fixed?

      Also, does anyone know what Adobe says about compatibility of WebHelp output with browsers?
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          MergeThis Level 4
          In the RH Help, topic "WebHelp browser and platform limitations,"

          Platform limitations:

          * Macintosh has a 32-character file name limit. If you have long topic titles with matching long file names, the topics will not be viewable on a Macintosh.
          * Output displays as HTML lists instead of using Dynamic HTML or Java applets.
          * .BMP image files do not display properly. Use .GIF or .JPG image files.

          See also their topic "About generating WebHelp with different options." There's stuff in these topics about using the Pure HTML option for those platforms/browsers that don't fully support Dynamic HTML, which might apply here.

          Good luck,