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    Edge animate - How to create hyper-link inside a symbol ?

    Susanta Kumar Muduli Level 1


      I am facing some problem for creating a hyperlink inside a symbols.


      For example – Main symbol name is ‘Left-nav’

      Inside ‘Left-nav’ symbol, i have created 3 symbols, that is ‘menu-1’, ‘menu-2’ & ‘menu-3’. Inside ‘menu-1’, ‘menu-2’ & ‘menu-3’ symbols, i have created animation.

      But inside Menu-2 & menu-3 symbol’s staring frame, i have putting stop action that is “sym.stop();”

      Here i have created a button inside the menu-1 symbol, when i click this button , it should play menu-2’s animation.


      This is very important for me. Plz help .....


      Thanks & Regards

      Susanta Kumar Muduli