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    Masking Glitch


      So i'm working on something right here. I'm using the pen tool to mask around an area of this call of duty clip, so that I can animate it for a transition. The problem I'm having is that the mask is glitching out in a certain area. Here's a screenshot.




      Does anyone have a suggestion about what I may be doing wrong? Or is this a problem with AE?

      I'm running CS6.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          When animating a mask it is important to draw your mask initially at the most complex part of the scene and then just move the points to adjust it and the scene changes without adding additional points. Mask point move in a straight line between keyframes. This can also  cause problems. It is difficult to mask rotating objects but there are special mask transformation tools available to help with that. I can't tell anything from just a single frame screenshot because I don't  know how this glitch relaes to keyframes or to the number of mask points in the shot.

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            The8xta Level 1

            There was no keyframing/ My problem was that I had transform applied to an adjustment layer at the top of my composition for any zooming etc, and the scale was set to 105 with a CC lens on it, so I was masking around a zoomed version of it, thanks for the information though!