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    exFat or HFS+


      Hi guys.


      Im about to start a big project, a series of 9 tv documentaries about wild life in my country.

      It will be a multiplataform project, Mac and PC and Im thinking whats the best method to tackle it.

      The NLE of choice is Premiere since I cant run FCP in PCs.

      The main problem is the format of the hard drives because de ingest will be in location with macs.

      Ive heard for this kind of jobs the best choice is to choose exFat file system.

      This is an option I can handle but some of the material already is in HFS drives.

      I been doing some research and I found something call Parangon HFS+ for Windows.

      Have you guys ever used this?

      If this the case, it affects the speed of the HDD or the workflow in any way?


      If I decide to stick with exFat, is there any know problems to edit with premiere in both plataforms?

      Any advice?

      Thank you very much.