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    Still can't install Flash Player onto Windows 7.


      We have tried uninstalling and then installing.

      Following the online advice to go through tools,internet options,security,trusted sites,checking default setting,ensuring setting as medium,scripting cheked as active,and so on.

      We have tried doing the above but going through tools,internet options and clicking onto internet,deafault,medium setting,scripting active but still no luck.

      We have run all this whilst security still keeping my laptop safe and have resorted to trying all the above when we had disabled all security.

      We do not have a previous adobe player currently operating.

      Each and every time we go through these motions we run the Adobe Flash Player installation and watch as it installs to 100%. It then states that it had completed and that it will run automatically. We wait a short while and then try to watch something on Youtube only for it to show a blackened screen with instruction stating that Adobe Flash Player must be installed for us to proceed.

      We are at our wits end.  Simply have no idea what on earth to try now!