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    Talking about disk reliability...

    Harm Millaard Level 7

      This topic seems to come up with some regularity, what are reliable disk drives and which seem to cause problems?


      I can't answer that question ( I'm a mere end-user, not a repair shop owner), but I can share what I have experienced in many years of video editing with many kinds of different disks.


      • Seagate SCSI 10K 36 GB disks. I once bought a 5 disk enclosure with these disks and within one year 2 disks died. Got them exchanged under warranty, but again the next one failed (no longer under warranty) and then the next one. I finally decided to get rid on all of them, they were not reliable. Era: 1995- 1998.
      • Samsung F1 1 TB disks. Have 16 of them and  only one failed in three years time, exchanged under warranty. Era: 2008-now.
      • Seagate 7200.11 1.5 TB disks in a NAS. Had 7 of them and within three years 12 failed, first 5 of them, replaced under warranty, then the next 5 not under warranty, then the next 2 failed. An utter disaster.
      • Hitachi 5K series 1 TB, Had 6 of them and 2 failed under warranty. No problems since.
      • Maxtor 500 GB (don't remember the model). Had 4 of them and two died of old age after 4 years. Era: long ago.
      • Seagate Constellation ES 1 TB. Have 25 of them and no problems yet. Eras: 2012-now.


      I have used an occasional WD drive, but they died usually within 2 years, but then we are talking about the last century, so it is no longer relevant now.


      This does not give hard evidence about what to buy, but if people can weigh in with their experiences, it may lead to some conclusions of what is reliable and what is not.

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          About 5 years ago I had two Western Digital 250Gig drives fail in a "short" time... I think one in the 1st month and the second within 3 months


          Looking at the dates and locations on the drives (I had bought both at the same time) they were made in the same week at the same location


          WD replaced both drives (which ran fine, I later sold that computer when I built a new one) and never did tell me "exactly" what happened... but based on my reading of the drive labels, I "presumed" that the plant had a box of bad components


          I have never had any more problems with WD drives

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            Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

            I think the one of the most important rules is:

            Always test each drive individually with a good 100% test tool for both read and write performance before you deploy them.