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    control stage animation from buttons nested in a symbol


      I have a symbol that is animated png SEQ of a rotating "cube". Added to the symbol I created "buttons" that are clear rectangles that define a "clicking area" . Each one corresponds to a side of the "cube". As the cube turns i turn these "buttons" on/off and track the corresponding cube face while it is facing the user. The symbol name is "CubeSpin" the button names in the symbol are Button1, Button2, etc to Button6.


      What I want to be able to do is create click actions for these buttons from the main stage compositionReady which would - (1) stop() the play of "CubeSpin" symbol and (2) goto and play(label) on the main stage timeline.  The animation at the head of play(label) on the main stage, among other things, slides symbol "CubeSpin" off the stage and out of view, then turns it off (display off). At the end of this animation, "CubeSpin" slides back on stage and I want to add a trigger code to start play() again for the "CubeSpin" symbol.


      Thanks for any help here.


      Joel H