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    Flash automation

      Hi everybody!
      I need to automate Flash Player with any language (ASP, Ruby, Java Script ...). I need to listen Flash messages and to manage buttons, text boxes and so.
      Does anybody make something like it? Or some ideas?
      Thank you!!!
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          Greg Dove Level 4
          You will, I think, need to explain more clearly what you want to do. Others may understand, but I am afraid that I do not.

          If you mean that you want to integrate flashContent/functionality with server scripts and javascripts then yes, lots of people do that. It usually requires custom coding in actionscript, unless (for example) you are using a flash based CMS.
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            fernir Level 1
            Thanks a lot for reply! Sure! Im sorry for fuzzy description above.
            GWD as i understand you was wrote about double side integration: from Flash as external and from scripts as automate some objects. I was mean something another ... i have few Flash files integrated to ASP.NET site, and i know its interface and content, but i have not ability to change something in exist SWF file. And for this case i need to automate testing for this Flash without any changes of interface (not external).
            My script/program should click existing buttons, fill text boxes and get results - i.e. make full functional test without any changes of Flash code.
            If you have any questions, please let it me.
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              Greg Dove Level 4
              Ah.. so its automated testing from the OS level. Sorry I don't have experience with something like that.

              I'm sure there are some commercial applications to do that though.. or you could take a look at something like this to see if its helpful:
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                fernir Level 1
                Thank you for reply and link!
                I have google Flash test automation tools and all of them works as XY tools :(
                May be somebody known any smart Flash Automation Tool???
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                  joeflashTO Level 1
                  I wonder if you're using the right terminology. An automation tool is something that tests your code for integrity at runtime. If this is not already integrated into the SWF, it's pretty impossible to include unless you modify the code substantially and then recompile. I know that Flex has an automation framework, but I'm not sure about Flash.

                  If you're talking about an introspection tool, there are a few to choose from for Flash. There is Blitz Labs' XRAY, and there is also Alessandro's Flash Tracer, which is a neat Firefox plugin which lets you see trace statements in the browser (though you have to have the debug player in use for it to work).