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    Capturing mouseevent on a bitmap

    gvbrown49686 Level 1
      Alright -

      I've got a subclass that is creating a series of bitmap images, and then attaching those to a masked sprite image. That part works great. I want to attach an event listener to each bitmap image. No errors when compiling. This is the code:

      thumbImage.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, onThumbClick, true);

      Where, thumbImage is a bitmap.

      Now, after loading, everything looks good, however, mouse events are not being captured by the bitmap. I've tried click, mouse_over, etc. I even tried adding a listener to the sprite mask, which also didn't work.

      This is a single frame movie, where all elements and animations are being created via actionscript 3.

      I'm thinking there must be something relatively simple or obvious I'm missing here. Ideas? Thanks.