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    How do I uncover an underlying text layer when using the flip effect in Premiere Pro?



      I'm trying to achieve something in either PPro or AE, but can't get the results I want. Hoping someone here can help me figure this out, or point me towards the correct tutorial on Adobe TV to learn how to do this.

      Here's what I have:

      Video Track 1 with content (a title at the moment), and.

      Video Track 2 with 2 video clips (Clip A & Clip B) side by side.


      Here's what I want to do:

      Use the "Effects/Video Transitions/3D Motion/Flip Over" transition  as a transition from Clip A to Clip B and, while the transition is occurring, I want to progressively reveal the content of Video Track 1 and progressivley cover that content as the transition progresses past its' mid-point..


      I can't seem to figure it out in either PPro or AE.


      Any help w/b greatly appreciated.