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    Sick of "Rendering Required Files" to Play. Want 1x scrub.

    Gordon James McDowell Level 1

      Multi-cam project. Very large.


      I can get some work done when I focus on a single sequence, and keep working at it.


      But bouncing between sequences results in "Rendering Required Files" and multi-hour delays to be able to hit play.


      Scrubbing works well enough... audio skips a bit but I can easily make out what is being said.


      How can I treat scrubbing as Play? A 1x scrub button? Can a macro be set up if it doesn't already exist?


      I hit spacebar when walking away from computer, and hopefully enjoy pre-rendered audio next work session. But I need a way to work without waiting for an audio render to complete. I move between sequences all the time, and currently am not seeing a productive workflow.


      Could someone explain how I can use scrub in a more user-friendly fashion, without it being so dependent on my current zoom level?


      Thanks, -g

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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          I need a way to work without waiting for an audio render to complete.


          Here you go.



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            Gordon James McDowell Level 1

            I've already submitted one (Jan 18 never heard back). I was hoping there was a work-around someone knew about.


            Here's my request copy/paste.




            Immediate ability to edit multi-camera scene without need to pre-process audio.



            To play a scene that I'm working on, often it is necessary to pre-render audio. If the scene consists of multi-camera & multi-audio source with many cameras, this can take hours (on IMHO decent hardware).


            But, if I simply want to scrub the timeline, Premiere is capable of emitting audio indicating how the timeline sounds at that moment.


            I need some IMMEDIATE ability between the two... it need not sound any better than scrubbing... maybe the audio drops out or just doesn't sound quite right. But I need the ability to scrub/play at 1x speed without waiting hours for pre-render of audio.


            Maybe pre-render can be temporarily disabled. Maybe it is a new type of "play". Maybe it is a scrub locked to 1x speed.



            My project consists of ~50 lectures. Each lecture is multi-cam coverage with additional audio channels. To edit any individual lecture this is (barely) passable, so long as I'm not flipping between lectures which often requires a re-render of the pre-rendered audio.


            But all these lectures are now to be used in a single timeline. I'd like to copy moments from individual lectures, but I can't review any edited lectures without re-rendering that audio. Even just to identify a snipped of audio... scrubbing is to hard to control speed to make the audio intelligible. Play almost always triggers audio pre-render taking ~1h.


            So to skip thru various lectures looking for key moments is impractical.


            As a work-around I'm using rendered MP4 and importing that, just so I can brainstorm final project easier. But I should really be able to easily pull from my edited lecture timelines, and so have access to multiple audio channels and camera angles right now. I only import rendered MP4 because I can't wait an hour just to identify and copy a 5s moment of audio.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9
              I've already submitted one (Jan 18 never heard back).


              Sometimes one does hear back, but usually not, unless more details or clarifications are needed. Often, good Feature Requests just show up in an update or an upgrade. I have had a few of mine make it into the program, but have never had any contact. The requests are read, evaluated and then prioritized (number of requests by different users go a long way here), and then handed over to a design team if they "make the cut."  In a very few instances (very few), an Adobe staffer will comment in a thread and at least tell us if some work is being done. They are necessarily tight-lipped on this work, but it IS nice to know that a request has been escalated to the team.


              Good luck,



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                wfmc staffer Level 2

                I've seen people complain about this before and I wonder how I always manage to avoid it. One thing that confuses me is why would somebody need to repeatedly go back to edit a source sequence in a multicam project.

                When I have a multicam edit, I have a sequence that is used to sync. I may Color Correct, Scale Adjust, Re-sync additional footage, and make audio adjustments. But after that the syncing sequence is done and the actual multi-cam editing is ready to begin. I would only go back to the Sync sequence if I had made a mistake somewhere.


                As a time saving measure, I always copy all of the viable audio tracks from the sync sequence and paste it, synced into the multicam sequence. That way I always have the raw audio to work with.

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                  Gordon James McDowell Level 1

                  Thanks for the insight.


                  I do see a pattern... someone like myself mentions a problem, and it could be either a feature request or a desperate plea for help, depending on the existence of a work around.


                  Feature requests seem to be private, so there's no opportunity for other users to point out what might be an obvious work around.


                  I can't imagine any feature I wouldn't also want to bounce off the forum to see if I'm missing an obvious work around, or if the feature exists and I'm overlooking it.