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    FlashBuilder 4.6 mx.controls.Button missing?


      Im writing my first application in Flash Builder but I have much experience with Flash. I am trying to use the button class in flash builder but my error says "the imports button could not be found" (mx.controls.Button) I tried importing flash.display, flash.ui to see it Button was hidden somewhere else. The point is to dynamically load buttons and their labels via xml. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


              import flash.events.*;
              import mx.controls.Button;

              private function doAdd(e:Event):void {

                  var buttonList:XMLList = new XMLList(cutsXML.cut.@name);
                  for(var i=0; i
      <buttonList.length(); i++){
      var btn:Button = new Button();
      btn.label = buttonList[i];

      <s:VGroup left="30" right="30" top="50" bottom="30" id="buttonBox">