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    Can not install FlashPlayer 11.6


      I can not intstall flashplayer 11.6. I am running Windows 8 (yes, I now know that it has embedded flash but neither your download page nor the troubleshooting information says anything about it).


      I uninstalled flash (Uninstalled becasue I was having the freeze/crash issue on all three browsers that so many people are having on vastly different system setups), cleaned the registry of all but the entries that say system file could cause instability entries, downloaded fresh install package. Now the installer starts (can see it in the task manager but nowhere else) but it just sits there inactive for a few minutes then closes with no message telling me why, disabled hardware acceleration, ran FF with no extensions or plugins except for Flash.


      I have a AMD triple core 2.1 Ghz, 4 Gigs RAM, Envidia video card with 1 gig RAM. I have Comcast's Norton Security Suite (which I disabled completey for troubleshooting).


      Now the flash movies just say FlashPlayer needed. How can I fix this issue? Have tried Windows update since I uninstalled Flash but no mention of FlashPlayer.