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    I'm repeat my question again


      Why do I need this old nag? 

      Where is your conscience?

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          I feel like you, but I cannot let go. I feel as though I am standing on the sinking Titanic thinking the ship will stabilise and stop sinking because the engineers are just about to turn on the new super pumps to expel the water and the welders are ready to patch the holes and that there are plans to make the ship extremely manoeuvrable and even faster which will mean a long life for this ship.


          I think we need our most talented members (who seem to be very quiet at this time) to tell us the truth. I think we need to discuss alternatives and most of all we need Adobe to provide customer support in an open way so that we can see that it exists.


          I personally am very disappointed at the lack of detail about the new very exciting iOS and itab features, but I think the ‘Titanic’ will float!


          I think we need a book about Director 12 (not references to old versions) and if that is too hard at least an Adobe produced newsletter which would have in depth discussions about the program. It would be nice to have an A to Z about the new iOS feature and there would be plenty of space to post recent reviews. And please Adobe can we have Adobe TV tutorials.


          … the ship is getting a bit low in the water, but is that the noise of the new super pumps I can hear? Oh well! This menu looks interesting, although for a super liner it hasn’t changed very much recently and that chef still hasn’t learnt to cook all the things on the menu and those Extras I don’t see them very often now especially for the Macintosh system. Those pumps are splashing the windows! I will investigate that noise after eating this new iOS vegetarian, delicious morsel. I might be a vegetarian, but most of my friends are Android meat eaters.


          Keep your spirits up Index999, if it was not for the work done by the members I would have no chance learning this program. Adobe please start talking to us and share your love of this beautiful program! We all just want it to work really well.


          Sometimes we have to be very grateful for what exists and if we are very patient the rest just might happen. If it doesn’t that is life. A lot of good people gave advice to Adobe, if only they would listen a tiny bit more.


          We have made it to Windows 8 and MacOS X Mountain Lion and unbelievably iOS. Haleluja!



          5:23 pm, 17 February 2013

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            index999 Level 1

            many thanks, Withhope, I'm share with you

            You are right, very difficult to study with old books, samples and lessons

            I know about multimedia technologies and have some a little experience with SWFKit/Flash, NodeJS, Node-Qt, XULRunner, Unity 3D,wxJavaScript and so on

            In Di very poor support for ECMA and it's takes much time to study well for me

            Adobe needs only one - contact with director's world and do it professionally (not amateur)

            Di is not C++ or VisualBasic hight  programming level  - it's fact, but it's have a good side for many

            I think Di have a good perspective for CD/DVD, WEB, games world, presentation ...

            Much more than AIR, Multimedia Builder, Opus Presenter, AutoPlay Media Studio,Ventuz Professional Learning, NeoBook, Multimedia Fusion, Mediator 9, BrowserBob Professional, Motion Studio and others, just need skilled hands and smart heads

            Why not to add support for any languages (Lua, Python, Pascal, VBScript)? One Lingo and  bad support for JScript - it's  yesterday