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    Typekit fonts not applying to text in Edge


      I'm trying to add Typekit fonts to Edge Animate, but I'm having trouble getting the font to apply to text.


      I've followed the lesson video.


      >Added fonts to a kit

      >Added the domain


      >In Animate, I clicked the plus and pasted the source code from Typekit

      >Pasted the font name (including quotations):   "myriad-pro-semi-condensed",sans serif


      I clicked the text and selected the font from the drop down but it doesn't get applied to the text. The text just stays the same.


      I believe it has something to do with the connection to typekit, because if I remove the "sans serif" name from the fallback list, the text changes from a sans serif to a serif. I guess the font IS changing, but it's not changing to the correct font.


      Anyone know a solution?


      UPDATE: It appears to be working now. All I did was add a different font to my kit, get a new source code, and it started working. Weird.