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    Why won't Adobe respond to my inquiry regarding the failure to deliver the product I purchased?


      I seem to be in a vacuum with Adobe and their customer support. I cannot get answers from anyone on this subject. I love Adobe products, but I am sad to say that right now they are stealing from me. The support people in India simply cannot address this situation because it does not seem to fall into their protocol. I have sent emails to almost every department (including to report that Adobe has pirated me). No Response.


      On 8-27-2012, I purchased a 1 year pre-paid subscription to photoshop CS6. I paid $248.86 for the pre-paid card.

      The card arrived and I went to this address to redeem the card: www.creativecloud.com/redeem


      I entered the 24 digit card number and that allowed me to download and use the software. Great!


      1 month into my membership, I had a technical issue with Adobe Bridge. I called technical support and spoke to a guy in India who asked me for my serial number. I never had a serial number, I had a pre-paid card. He asked me for my adobe ID (I have an Adobe ID because I have another subscription to Illustrator, which is working fine). I gave him my ID and he told me that I do not have Photoshop CS6.


      After much explanation and transfers to the highest levels of support, the guys in India decided to just hang-up on me. They could not resolve my issue, so they hung up on me. LITERALLY!


      I have called and chatted with support for at least 13 more hours since then. I have been late with a project and lost a client since then. I have called the local Adobe office in San Francisco and the girl at the desk couldnt help me. I have sent an e-mail to multiple employees of Adobe. I have posted on this forum multiple times. NO ANSWERS!


      I purchased a pre-paid subscription to Adobe, and they will not honor the subscription because the format in which I purchased the subscription was short lived (pre-paid card). Today, you can purchase a monthly subscription on creative cloud.com. On 8-27-2012, you could not. You had to buy a card from Amazon or Staples.


      Adobe has failed to respond to me in any of the ways that I have attempted to contact them. I keep getting forwarded to the support guys in India who don't have any way of helping me unless I have a serial number. I was never given a serial number, but I am holding the card that I bought and the receipt that I received from Amazon.


      This has been the most frustrating experience I have ever encountered with a company. I work for VMware and I expect more from a company like Adobe. This situation has become so over the top frustrating. I feel like I was just scammed on Craigslist.... but I was scammed by Adobe of all companies. UNREAL!!!


      Would anyone with a heart beat care to help me resolve this issue? Anyone at all who works for Adobe? Please have some sense of obligation to a loyal customer. It's $250 that I paid you, not much for you to resolve, but it meens plenty to me. I just dont want Adobe to steal $250 from me. But thats whats happening here.


      Thanks!- R