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    Running separate threads with CS5

    John Ratard Level 1

      I am purchasing a second faster editing PC for video work.  The reason is to be able to continue working while rendering is in progress.   I am informed that while I can install CS5 on 2 PCs, I cannot run CS5 on both of them at the same time.  I therefore cannot edit on one while the other is rendering.  My other option is to try to multitask with 2 threads on the faster one.


      Is mutithreading possible or what are my options to avoid annoying waits during renders?

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          shooternz Level 6

          What do you mean by "rendering"?


          Explain your workflow.

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            John Ratard Level 1

            By rendering I mean, after editing an avi file with Premier Pro, the application of the chosen tools that rearrange and enhance the original avi file clips then exporting to a modified avi or some other format.   11 years ago, it used to take up to 3 hours with an affordable PC to see the result.  With my present i7 quad PC that time is now down to from 20 to 30 minutes.  During the render time I do not work with the PC to keep the rendering time as short as possible.  It would have been convenient if I could edit a second avi file while the rendering was taking place.  The presently selected components of the PC I am still rearranging before purchase uses the latest 22nm, 3D i7 CPU with faster HDs in RAID configuration and SSDs as follows:



            INTEL I7 3770K CPU

            DDR3 1600 32G MEMORY KINGSTON

            2X 256G SAMSUNG 840 PRO SSD

            4XWD VELOCIRAPTOR  WD1000DHTZ (for 2 RAID pairs)


            NVIDIA GT660 2G VIDEOCARD



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              shooternz Level 6

              Export  your edit to Adobe Media Encoder...set it up and push go.  Return to editing.


              AME will do its job in the back ground while you edit.



              There is no way currently  to have a render farm working on a second computer with Premiere.

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                John Ratard Level 1

                Approximately what loss in performance would I expect from running Media Encoder and Premier Pro at the same time.  I am presently considering the 2011 platform versus the 1155 platform for speed while keeping the cost within $3000 if possible.

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                  Jim_Simon Level 8

                  PP will steal any necessary resources from AME so you can keep editing.  How much that will effect your exports isn't possible to predict.  It'll depend on a phonebook's worth of variables.


                  If you can afford a 3930K-based system, I say go for it.

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                    John Ratard Level 1

                    I do not know what is meant by a render farm.  If it means 2 rendering sessions on 2 separate PCs at the same time, I would not have to do that.  Perhaps running Media Encoder on one while I use PPro on the other for 2 different projects might be OK.  Both computers will be separately running on a LAN.  My older one is an i7 quad with 4 HDs versus the one I wish to buy has an i7 with 22nm and 3D technolgy, SSDs, and RAID HDs as shown above.


                    Jim suggests a 3930K-based system.  I would only consider that if the improved video editing performance was significant.

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                      Harm Millaard Level 7



                      If you go to http://ppbm7.com/index.php/results?showall=&start=4 (you have to be registered and logged in, otherwise you get the message that:


                      Not logged in.png

                      But when you are registered and are logged in, you can see that all top 16 observations are hexa core CPU's. The best quad core is around 75% slower than the fastest system, and can not match the top 10% of observations. It is a very good Q3 system, but it just is not up to the hexa core performance. But then, the price tag is also different.




                      A render farm is a solution used by for instance Vue. It allows you to set rendering cows when doing final rendering. You can define all machines attached to your network as a cow and it will perform the rendering in the background on the machines indicated. For instance, I have two big machines, four laptops and a server locally here, so I can assign all of them to be rendering cows. If I needed more capacity for rendering, I could even add more machines over a VPN connection and a second server to help out. They all work concurrently and the load is distributed by the farm. It effectively speeds up rendering significantly and I have often made the feature request, but nobody at Adobe seems to listen to that specific request.

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                        John Ratard Level 1

                        I have one more question.  My system assemblers are wondering how to achieve more than one RAID pair with I presume a different motherboard for an i7 3930K, without a controller, when only one RAID configuration is supported?  I do not know if this is correct.

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                          Harm Millaard Level 7

                          I have only used dedicated raid controllers in the past 20 years, but I assume that on-board raid controllers act the same way, you can define multiple raid volumes in the BIOS, thus creating multiple raid0 arrays for instance, provided you have sufficient SATA ports.

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                            John Ratard Level 1

                            I finally think I have a system worth the price as follows:


                            ASUS  P9X78 DELUX MOTHERBOARD

                            INTEL I7 3930K

                            DDR3 1600 32G RAM

                            1X 256G SAMSUNG 840 PRO SSD (C drive SATA 3)

                            4XWD VELOCIRAPTOR  WD1000DHTZ (2 RAID pairs SATA 6)

                            COOLERMASTER 690 CASE WITH 720W POWER

                            NVIDIA GT660 2G VIDEOCARD

                            DVDWRITER                 TOTAL 2989+tax


                            4 SATA 6 maximum cannections for HDs leaving C drive (SSD) with SATA 3.  I imagined the SATA 6 is best allocated as 1 pair to project, source video, and audio files and the other to rendered files. Any improvement in arrangement for speed is appreciated.

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                              Harm Millaard Level 7

                              Definitely put the SSD on a SATA 6G port and all Velociraptors on the SATA 3G ports. If you don't, you cripple the SSD from the start.

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                                John Ratard Level 1

                                Thank you.  I shall modify my thoughts accordingly.  I measured my present system using the benchmark test to find it among the lower performers.  It is time to get serious.  I look forward to being somewhere between where I am at now and nearer to Harm's Monster.

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                                  Alan Craven Level 4

                                  In post 9 Harm mentioned the possibility of setting up multiple RAID arrays Using Intel RST on the X79 motherboard.  This is called Matrix RAID by Intel, and can be done quite easily using the Intel RAID management software, provided your system is what Intel call RAID Ready.  This entails having RAID enabled in the BIOS, and the requisite HDDs attached.


                                  You can mix and match between the Intel 6 & 3 GBs ports for a RAID array, but if your board has Marvell RAID ports, you cannot set up a RAID array mixing the Intel and Marvell ports.  I have one 2-drive RAID on a pair of Intel ports, and a second 2-drive RAID on a pair of Marvell ports on my Gigabyte motherboard.


                                  You can also have non-RAID drives on the Intel ports while you have other Intel ports used for RAID.  If you have more than one set of Marvell ports, then you can set RAID on one controller and AHCI on the other - again you will have to enable these in BIOS.


                                  Beware that there are two versions of the Intel RST:  IRST, generally found on Consumer grade boards, and RSTe (enterprise), normally found on server class boards,. Though RSTe is found on some of the higher end consumer boards.  The two require different drivers, and differ in the way you set things up.  Make sure which you have before you start, as you cannot switch between them. 


                                  It is easier to use the Raid Management software to set up your arrays than do this in BIOS.


                                  You can obtain very useful Intel User Guides here, which describe all the terms used, and give detailed accounts of how to set up your RAID: