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    Linking from image in swf to another .chm

    JaredHess Level 1
      * RoboHelp 6
      * Vista
      * HTMLHelp (.chm) Output

      Here's my situation. I have a master .chm and the main intro / welcome page the user sees, contains an embedded flash file (.swf file). Inside the swf there are some images that when clicked on are supposed to jump the user to sub .chm files that are merged into the master .chm. However, when I click on the link nothing happens. I can link to actual pages in the main help file and to pages on the web, but it won't open a sub .chm help file.

      My work around for this was to create a redirection .htm inside the main help that used this javascript code to push the link to the actual .chm file:

      <script LANGUAGE=JavaScript>

      This does work. However, because of the redirection, users can't use the help viewer's "Back" button anymore to get to the main page with the .swf, because clicking Back hits the redirection and just pushes the user right back to the current page.

      Any suggestions on getting links to sub .chm projects work from within a .swf file?