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    Move PSE 8 to new computer


      Can I transfer my Photoshop 8 program from my laptop to my HP Mini Laptop via a USB stick as iy does not have a disc drive?


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          Barbara B. ACP/MVPs

          You can copy the install media to the USB stick and run it from there, but you will need to do a full install, not just move the program files.

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            Barbara B. ACP/MVPs

            Also, make sure you mini-laptop meets the minimum specs. If the screen isn't at least 1024 x 768 it won't work right.

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              Reevestreet Community Member

              Barbara B. 


              Many thanks.  I uninstalled the program off my original laptop and then did a full install using the USB stick as the designated directory.  I then removed the USB stick and inserted it into my HP Mini laptop and tried to get it to work.  However I could not find an exe. file or any other means to get it going.  Am I on the right track?