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    LeapMotionAS3 library for Leap Motion (incl. ANE)




      Please star it on GitHub (we really need the community's support) and give it a try. Suggestions/ideas/bug reports always welcome!


      Some features:

      • High performance, less than 1ms processing per frame (typically 2% CPU usage on a recent MacBook Pro)
      • Same structure as official API
      • Clean, lightweight and documented code
      • No external dependencies, creates a optimized socket directly to the Leap
      • Uses ASC 2.0 compiler features (be sure to add the -inline and -swf-version=19 compiler arguments)
      • Connect multiple computers to the same Leap device (via an optional "host" argument)
      • Works great with Starling and Away3D
      • AIR Native Extension (ANE) which directly interfaces with the C++ library (Mac, PC)
      • Compatible with Mac OSX, Windows, iOS (iPad/iPhone/etc), Android