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    Not populating values in the dropdown list

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      Hi ,


      I have a question regarding the populating the values in the dropdown list.


      Here are the steps that I followed :


      Step 1: Created a form with a drop down list in the designer ( Testers) which I imported the .xsd file by doing the new data connection.

      Step 2: In the Data View or binding tab, I binded with the Tester Name.

      Step 3: I created the tester.xml and attached in the Form Properties -> Preview. The values are showing in the dropdown list in the preview PDF , but not in the workspace.

      Step 4: Went to LiveCycle Workbench and created a process (NewProcess) and clicked the user profile -> populate data process

      Step 5: The process created another process ( PreparedProcess) and added new Abstract Activity.

      Step 6: Defined activity as Query the multiple Rows as XML

      Step 7: Added the sql in the sql statement section ( i.e select * from TestUsers) and tested the results that are coming fine.

      Step 8 : Clicked the XML Information button and entered the root element ( Testers) and Repeating element as Tester , parsed the query , changed it to small caps which is similar to xml file that I used in the forms designer. I tested it and generated proper xml.

      Step 9 : Assigned the output to the XmlPreparedData variable.

      Step 10: I went to the "NewProcess" and added new variable TesterResult as xml and added the .xsd template that I used earlier to create the form.

      Step 11: I added the SetValue and assigned the xpath map like this

      Location : /processData/formdata/xdp/datasets/data/searchData/Testers

      Expression  : /processData/Testers/searchData/Testers    .


      Step 12: I deployed the application and went to the LiveCycle Workspace and started the process and loaded the form , but not seeing values the dropdown list.


      I dont' know which step I missed ..what I am guessing so far, I am doing something wrong in the xpath mapping section.


      Please help me ...


      thanks in advance.