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    How to change the language to English in Premiere Pro CS6?


      Hi there,


      I recently bought the Master Suite over Amazon, because the Adobe Online Store seemed broken (Unknown Errors after ordering and a Telephone Number which you couldn't call) and I really needed it before the end of the year (Tax Reasons). So now I got the German Version. I want it to be in English because the Translations are sometimes really bad and also most of the Tutorials and Learning Materials are in English. No big deal I thought, you can surely change it to English. I did my Research and I could change Photoshop and AfterEffects to English. What is left of my most used Tools is Premiere Pro. So:


      How can I change my Premiere Pro CS6 to english? There has do be a way?


      Thanks a lot!


      Edit: Also I can't request a language swap as recommend http://forums.adobe.com/message/4702895#4702895 because i couldn't order it via adobe store.