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    Is CQ5 the right tool for the job?


      I have been tasked to bring a web site into CQ5.4 and am looking into the feasibility of this.  The doubt that I am facing is based on the way the site has been built in static form: everything resides in a single index.html file.  Content is ushered in with jquery as users navigate around the site, however this content is all within the index.html page at load time.  Major sections are brought in by vertical scrolling, others fade in over the top, or come in from each side.  The URL never changes. The scope of the page is non-trivial, perhaps up to 100 sections/subsections that can be displayed.


      My understanding of CQ5 is that it's suited towards a traditionally structed web site, that is, with pages loading in their own URLs and running off templates.  My question is whether the type of site I need to convert can be done in CQ5, and whether it's a suitable platform or forcing use of the wrong tool for the job.  Also, if it is feasible to bring the site in to CQ5, would a site of this nature be straightforward to manage from an authoring point of view?


      Thanks in advance for any suggestions about this.