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    Plea for information about 13.0.4 fixes for bugs in 13.0.1

    conroy Level 5

      In the absence of information from Adobe regarding the differences between Ps 13.0.4 and 13.0.1, other than the addition of Retina support, I'm hoping users will help.


      (I've been told by an Adobe engineer that there are many fixes but it would be insane [his word] for Adobe to list every fix. Apparently, sanity is to list no fix.)


      Other threads are the place for reports of things which have become broken or removed by 13.0.4.


      IMPORTANT: Do not provide information about fixes for bugs that were introduced by 13.0.2 or 13.0.3.


      Please only provide information about bugs in 13.0.1 which are fixed in 13.0.4.