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    Interactive PDF asking to be signed, no sig set up - large file bug?


      I have an interactive document created in InDesign CS6 that is close to 20MB.


      Everything created in InDesign and exported as an interactive PDF works great, no issues with functionality....


      However when opened the interactive PDF with the lastest versions of both Adobe Acrobat Pro and  Reader I, and everyone opening the file on PCs and Macs using Reader, get a message at the top of the screen saying they need to "Sign In".


      There is no signature field in the document. There are a number of buttons but no forms. When I cleck highlight fields in Acrobat nothing shows up, nothing is highlighted on any page.


      If I split the document into two files (which I do not want to do but tried as an experiment), and make each file a little over or under 10MB the request to "Sign In" does not appear. The sign in only appears once the file is larger than around 11MB.


      I've unchecked all the form buttons in preferences in Acrobat Pro and I do not want anyone to use a password to view the PDF  --  I just want people to download the PDF - no password, no signing.


      So why is everyone being asked to sign when there is no requirement that they sign!