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    Problems with account

    ChrisHumbug Level 1

      I created a site in muse No problem, went to push the site live. Had to set up a new hosting account with BC (that seems to be ok). I've had to cancel my old hosting service and I asked them to change the details on the DNS servers (I couldn't do it myself). As part of that agreement I had set up some email addresses, one of which is the log in deatils I use for creative cloud and BC. This email is no longer working because I cancelled my memebership with the other company.  I've tried to recreat the email address on BC but I get the following error message:


      Account details for this user can only be updated via the site where it was first created.


      I was told by the BC webchat team that I should be able to do this once account with the other company has been closed. That has happend, and they've changed the details on the servers I've been told I just need to wait for up to 72 hours for everything to propigate.


      Do I need to wait for the website to become available again before I can create the email address or do I have a Problem?


      Any help anyone could give me would be great.