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    Elements Auto Analyser


      I have just created a 30,000 catalogue in PSE11 on a new PC by restoring a PS6 catalogue from an EHD. Everything appeared to go well with all the pictures transferring and converting to PS11 OK with cataloguing data intact. The only issue was that I can't seem to view the Albums from PS6 but the tags related to them are still attached to photos. (see separate question). The catalogue files were saved to My Pictures folder along with the picture files in the restore process. I haven't mover them to the default location but I have hidden them to avoid possible accidental deletion.


      My problem is that since restoring the catalogue I am experiencing a lot of noise from my PC, with the processor seeming to be permanently active, even when no Apps (other than Internet Explorer) are open. I didn't notice this as an issue previously. When studying Task Manager in Windows 8 it seems that the activity is caused by an App called "Elements Auto Analyser" permanently working away and using up 15% of my CPU. When Organiser is opened this use stays pretty constant, but the Organiser itself seems to use up another 15%, even when I'm not doing anything with it. Can anyone advise me what Elements Auto Analyser does, and what can I do to stop it continually running in the background on my PC, as whilst everything seems to continue to operate OK, the continual surging noise is driving me nuts. I'm sure the hardware supplier will claim it is a software problem if I contact them, as there didn't appear to be a problem on set up.

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          Barbara B. Level 7

          I would strongly advise you to stop it. It looks at your photos and assigns smart tags like blurry, in-focus, high quality, low quality, as if you couldn't figure those out yourself. Smart tags are much harder to remove than regular tags, too.


          To stop it, go to the organizer preferences>media analysis, and turn it off there.

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            gardener179 Level 1

            Thanks for the help. By luck I seem to have resolved the problem by re-attaching the EHD and then shutting down again. I think maybe something hadn't quite finished properly in the restoration process and Auto Analyser was somehow still looking for tag info on the EHD when it wasn't attached. In any event the problem now seems resolved and I am operating in relative silence Ah Bliss!